Saturday, February 28, 2009

I do!!!!

We survived being in our first wedding with the kiddos.... in all honesty they did great... JP did not move a muscle... and did an amazing job... earning himself 10 buck a roos for being so good... from none other than grandaddy. BP was a little wiggly, playing stick your tongue out with a 23 year old... who knew better... but did not know the cause/effect it would have on a 4 year old... you moms know... they whole "they don't know when to stop" thing, and she choose to take a load off during the ceremony by sitting down and dumping and picking up her peddles. Of course by on lookers it was "sooooo cute". For me it was the longest 15 minute ceremony of my life but so worth me seeing my baby boy looking so cute in his tux and my baby girl looking beautiful in

her white dress.

One of them together that i think turned out so cute... and one of the cute couple that made all this possible.

What a super fun Saturday Evening. It is hard to believe my sweet babies could possible be wearing this handsome tux and a beautiful white dress in their own weddings in about 20 years. WOW! Lets just not think about that! Happy Weekend to all! :)

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