Monday, March 23, 2009


i am back from nyc and i had a blast... i can not wait to go back... two years baby!!!! it will take me that long to rest and save up for the next trip. but it was soooo much fun!!!! i posted some pictures of some of my favorite things that we did. First and of course my ABSOLUTE favorite of the whole trip was Mamma Mia on Broadway! WOW! is all i can say. I was in ahhhh the whole time. I think my favorite part of the whole show was the last 10 minutes of the show when the cast comes back and sings together and the whole audience stands up and sings and dances. It was AMAZING!!! One night we ate dinner at John's Pizzeria... AHHHH! It was sooo good! It is a great place to go especially if you are going with a group b/c you can get several pizzas and share. The pizza was really good.... reminds me of davenports in mtn brook... except they don't cut it into little pieces. This gets the best food award from the places we ate in my opinion. It is also the oldest pizzeria in the united states. Another one of the highlights of our trip was walking across (well to the middle) of the Brooklyn Bridge. It was neat... not what i thought it would be like... i pictured us walking in the middle of the bridge dodging cars... but it was not like that at all. It for people only... bikes and lots of runners and walkers... and how about do we SCREAM tourist in our super cute matching shirts! This was our last day and actually one of the last things we did before heading back to the hotel to get in the limo and head to the airport. A few of our group pictures from various things we did. It was a GREAT group of people to go with. You know you can't just travel... especially to New York with just anyone but this group was Perfect. K & L (mom & daughter) are New York Pros... they go at least once a year and I told them I would NEVER go to New York without them. S & E (also M & D) are friends of L & K that we only see when we go on this trip and they are so much fun. C & P (M & S) are my "second mother" and "little brother" he was the "token" boy on the trip... that i must say was a trooper following all us girls around shopping and holding sacks for us. And what would we do without all his unexpected humor... he keeps us laughing the whole trip. And last but not least me and mom. I love that i get to go to New York with her she is the best and i am so excited we have started this tradition! We have declared it to be a Bi-Annual Trip!
Mike and Juliet! Just an FYI if you are going to NYC you can get on their website and get free tickets to the show. It was a great experience! And we actually made it on TV too. Which is pretty cool! Let me just say it gives you a whole new appreciation for TV and shows with audiences for that matter. It was a J-O-B! There are so many do's and don't. Don't look at the camera or monitors, clap, clap, clap, smile, look interested in the show... etc etc etc... I was so self conscious the whole time... not wanting to make a funny face, scratch your noise, b/c i was sure it would be my luck the 2 sec. i did something "wrong" in the 60 minutes that is what would be on national TV. But it was a lot of fun. It is also inside so no freezing waiting outside like others.
The Subway (and no not the sandwich place like my 5 year old thought). This was our mode of transportation the whole week. I know some people are "freaked out" by these things but really they are NOT bad at all and for the price they are FANTASTIC! They are 25.00 for unlimited for a whole week which is great considering that is usually the price of a cab one way for one stop and for our group we would have to get 2 cabs. PRICEY!!! And kudos to KB she is the subway "makmamma" she had the application on her iphone and could tell us exactly what time it would be there and which ones we needed to ride, for how long and boom we were there in no time. I of course was clueless when it comes to Subways but i think you can get a map and figure it out... i just did not have to b/c i had KB!
Chicago... i knew NOTHING about this before i went but it was really good. It was a great story line, entertainment, everything... so good!
Top of the Rock!!! All i can say is breath takingly bee-u-tiful. And from what i understand it is just as good as the empire state building without the wait. 20.00 and you can see all the lights, building, and the whole city pretty much. It really was pretty!!!!!!!!! Very quick elevator ride up 68 floors and then you walk up the last 2 floors. Even the little "chickens" who shall remain nameless survived their fear of heights and observed from the middle of the observation deck. Great Experience!!
Shopping, Shopping and More Shopping... that is just about all you do in NYC. We shopped at all the big stores, Bloomingdale's (were i bought me and B panties that said bloomies on the back... got to say you got something there right???), looked and "wished" at Tiffany's, Macy's, Burberry, Saks, H&M, Century 21 (where i bought the most... always do) Canal Street (aka China Town)...i LOVE that "place" i love to bargain with those people and get purses and jewelry. So FUN!
Serendipity.... i have heard there was a movie...been twice still never seen the movie... need too. They are know for their frozen hot chocolate which was SOOO good. There food is OK... I am a little to "plain" for their food but everyone else liked it and i think it was what i got b/c i sampled everyone elses and it was good. Make reservations if you are going!!! Fun Place!
Ellen's Stardust Diner.... This was my second favorite thing we did This place is sooo cool. It is a 50's diner type place... kind of like Johnny Rockets except they sing and dance the whole time you eat and they actually can sing and dance. The food is pretty good too and they have tons of drinks and desserts too. So much fun... the gets my vote for # 1 entertainment place to eat in NYC... i hope we always go back to this place!
We had a amazing time. I am so tired b/c all we did was GO GO GO but you don't have time to stop or you will miss something. Thanks Mom... it was a BLAST! XOXO
I also have give a huge thank you to my sweet hubby for keeping our kiddos while i go on a trip with "the girls and patrick" on "his" spring break... thanks honey you are the best!
New York Girls and Patrick... it is less than 730 days until our next trip right???? Can't wait!


  1. FUn Fun! Johns Pizzaria is THE BEST!! Joseph always talks about it. Glad you had a good time.

  2. Hey Shelly! What a fun trip! I haven't been to NYC but have always wanted to go. I may have to go just to get one of those frozen hot chocolates! YUM!
    I'm so glad you found the blog! Jay told me that your daughter was playing Tball too. What team is she on? Maybe I will see you at the ball park on Saturday (if it doesn't get rained out!)
    We will be at Disney 17th - 23rd. That stinks that we are leaving when you guys are getting there! Maybe we can meet up for a meal or something before we head back home.
    Love your blog! Your kids are PRECIOUS!!!