Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 24

Holy Clothes!!!! And these are pictures of just the girl clothes not even the whole other side that have all the boy clothes. This is from Kids Kloset Sale today that i worked from 7 to 7. It was fun but I am very glad I only do it twice a year and I am even more glad I don't have to have 2 kids and myself ready and gone by 6:50 in the am every morning... how did I use to do that???
This sale is AWESOME! And boy did the people come out today... it was crazy nuts at least until lunch time... the line was wrapped around the clothes and the wait was an hour at one point... there were clothes everywhere, necked babies everywhere, stroller, kids, goldfish, cookies, mommy's, grandmothers, and even a few dad's (good bless their soles)... and most of all some PASSIONATE people about clothes. Some folk are serious about their clothes and i must say there were a few times I had to pick my jaw up off the floor at the amount of cash some of these folks were spending on clothes... WOW! I would be in MAJOR trouble if I dropped that kind of cash... not just hundreds people... more than that! But it was fun... going back for more fun tomorrow!
And the best part about it was working with these sweet girl... many that I only see during the sale. It was a great time girls! (don't we look super cute in these aprons... we know you are jealous)

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