Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Photo Challange!!!

Who is up for a challange???
If so join me in my April Photo Challange!
I am going to "try" and post a picture a day for the whole month of April.
This is no April Fools Joke (LOL).
My plan is to post pictures from our day to day activities- one a day! So here we go with Day 1 picture(s)...

(a little confession too) I wanted Brylee to wear this outfit (pictured above) to school today but she did not want to wear it... she said she doesn't like t-shirts... sooo I am ashamed to say that I "bribed" her to wear it and told her if she put it on (with a happy heart) and wore it to school I would take her to the Dollar Tree and let her get 1 prize after school. So she wore it :) and she got a pack of construction paper from the dollar tree for being obediant... well maybe pleasing mommy... however you want to look at it. :)

Heres to the challange...lets see if i can do it????

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