Sunday, May 31, 2009

Disney Day 1

Well, we are back from Disney and we had a BLAST! Honestly I can't wait to go back. Yes, I am very tired from all the going and doing but seeing my precious "babies" faces light up when they see characters, hear the excitement in their voice after we ride roller coasters for the first time, and the amount of fun they had in a place where dreams really do come true was worth every bit of tiredness in my body.
It is no surprise to anyone that I am OBSESSED with taken pictures of my children and our trip to Disney did nothing but fill my obsession even more... i am a little embarrassed to say but I took over 1000 pictures while we were there... i know ridiculous!!!! So it is going to take me quite a while to share all the fun we had while we were there. My plan is to feature each day of our vacation everyday this week. So keep checking in on the blog and see all the fun we had on our Disney Vacation!
So here we go with day one... we actually left thursday evening and drove about 6 hours and stayed the night in georgia. Then got up the next morning (friday) and drove the rest of the way to orlando. We chose to do this so we would be there rested and ready to go Saturday morning for our first day in the park. So this post is actually about Friday evening in Orlando!
We were not the only ones who decided to go to Disney during this time... this sweet family was also in Disney part of the time we were. Jay and Richard go way back to High School Days but actually this was the first time our families have ever gotten together and we live in the same city! We met them in Downtown Disney for dinner at TREX and had a great time.
The food was good and the dessert was amazing!!!
The kids had a great time playing in the "sand pit".
We even managed to get a cute group shot too.
Look how cute her boys are dressed
they have dinosaurs on their shirts...
we both share the love of dressing our children! :)
Jay, Leisha, and boys, it was great to see you... thanks for all the tips and most of all for telling us to bring our rain gear... you guys saved us!
After dinner with these guys we walked around Downtown Disney and saw Lego Land and the largest Disney Store in the World too!
The hardest thing about this night was that my kids were SOOOOO ready to get to Disney World and see characters and ride rides that Downtown Disney was a little disappointing to them at the time. It was pretty sad that Brylee wanted to get her picture made with "Cinderella" because she was that ready to get to Disney World. After dinner and shopping we went back to the hotel (which we were staying with my parents outside the park until we checked into our room Sat.) and went swimming. Then off to bed for a good night sleep so we could hit the park the next day!!!!!
So that concludes our adventures from day 1 come back tomorrow for adventures of Day 2 which is our first day in the park... and the most magical place on earth!

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  1. Looks like we share a love for taking pictures too! I think my grand total of pics for the week was around 1300! Our poor kids!!! ha!
    Glad you guys are back and had a great time! We will have to plan another dinner soon!