Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Disney Day 3

Today (Sunday) we went to Hollywood Studios! While we were there it was Star Wars Weekend some kids would probably have been beside themselves but my kids are not into stars wars at all (thank goodness) so all "those geeks... i mean people just got all in our way. So we opted to steer clear of that area an do some other things.

When we walked in the gates we "sprinted" to the two big rides so hopefully the lines would be short. Tower of Terror was only a 10 minute wait so me, richard, my dad and the kids rode it. The kids had no idea what to expect but I secretly wanted it that way... I know mean... but how do you explain that ride in a way that they would want to ride it and not "scare" them? Anyway during the ride they said nothing probably b.c they were in shock i am sure... but when it stopped they made it known that they did not want to ride that again and brylee started crying and everyone in the "elevator" felt sorry for her.

While we rode that the other went and got some fast passes for Rockin Roller Coaster... by the way if you don't know how to work the fast passes figure it out ASAP when you get there.. they ROCK! So then we were able to ride that next... brylee was too short and could not ride it so she cried again but honestly i don't think she would have ridden another ride if she had ridden it... it was SOOOO FAST! They take pictures of your face when you ride it and Jackson's face was priceless he had the biggest smile on his face... he liked it but did not want to ride it again. He loves telling people he rode... i think it make him feel BIG! :)

After we rode these we made our way over to the other side of the park and they were getting ready for the High School Musical Parade... so we HAD to stay and watch. Jackson loves that show and Brylee loves to dance!

After this we went and watched PlayHouse Disney Live... i think this will be our last time to watch this show... they are getting too big... they said it was "babyish"... sad! But brylee enjoyed dancing... this girl never passes up a chance to dance.

After this we watched Ariel which Brylee LOVED and then it was time for lunch. We ate at Hollywood and Vine. We ate with JoJo and Goliath and June and Leo from Little Einsteins. The kids liked this and there was lots of dancing. I guess this is another one that will our a "last" for us... we are getting "too big" for these characters. :(After lunch the grandparents went and rode "boring" rides and we took the kids to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground and the enjoyed running around playing and Jackson enjoyed getting wet... i mean soaked!!!! (picture pre soaking)

When then headed back for some swimming... always a favorite for the kids... and then we would usually have a late afternoon / early evening shower. (i promise daddy was not as miserable as he looked in the picture)We then got dressed headed back to Magic Kingdom for dinner, rides, and the Light Parade.

As i mentioned before this was one of jackson's favorite rides and brylee got to ride for the first time. She thought she was something else b/c she got to drive. brylee was so excited about the parade... she was all about the parades and just loved seeing all the characters, singing and dancing. She would just wave at them like crazy every time she saw them. jackson was starting to fade a little waiting on the parade... he sat or laid in my lap and played a game on my phone waiting for the parade. Finally the parade came and it was good. The kids loved it. The funniest thing was that Peter Pan was in the parade and he had light up wings on... brylee went NUTS b.c she thought it was Tinker Bell... she "screamed" Tinker Bell about 10 times and was waving like crazy... the guy looked at her and said "i am not tinker bell i am peter pan" it was so funny... the people around us were dying laughing. It was too cute!

It was a great, looonnnggg day! We really enjoyed Studios and the light parade! More tomorrow!

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