Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Little Slugger....

Jackson had his own accomplishments this weekend as well! He was chosen as one of the Chelsea All Stars for the 5 year old team. He had a game Friday night that we barely got in. We had about an hour rain delay Friday night but once the game started the boys played really well. However, about 4 innings into the game we heard this LOUD wind and we were looking toward the trees and out of know where the worst "wind storm" (that i am still NOT convinced was not a small tornado) came up. Everyone was grabbing their stuff and started running (against the wind which was NOT easy) toward the bottom of the press box for shelter. It was the scariest thing I have ever been in and I am NOT a "fraidy cat" when it come to weather (as long as I am NOT by myself). Thank goodness Mr. Randy had Brylee in his arms and she made it safely in the press box too. I could hear her screaming all the way so i knew she was coming. As soon as I got in there I looked at my mom and said "OMG where is Jackson"? so my dad and richard went looking for him. The coaches had all of them putting on their helmets and getting down on the ground and huddling around them to keep them safe in the bottom of the dug-out. They went and got Jackson and all the other players and got them in the press box too. About that time all the power went out and the ball park was black as midnight and we could not see anything. Bless those players hearts they were all SCARED to death and rightfully so!!!! The storm was in and out quick but that is all it took for a players mom to get hit in the head with a tent and get a goose egg on her eye and kids to be screaming, crying and scared to death. That is something I hope I don't ever have to go through again. Needless to say despite the storm we WON... beat Calera 21 to 6!!!! We were suppose to play again on Saturday but all the games we rained out :(... however it did make getting brylee ready and to her recital much easier...
Congratulations Buddy! We are so proud of you!
And thanks to GoGo, Grandaddy, KK, and Mrs. Cathy & Mr. Randy for braving the storms and coming to see Jackson play. We appreciate you so much!!!! We will be starting the Regional Tournament in Calera Thursday Night at 6:30!!! We should play thur, fri and sat and possibly monday if we continue to win... it is double illumination so basically we play until we loose twice! Go Chelsea! ps... the uniform jackson has on is their practice uniform we really do have nice uniforms that are not t-shirts but they did not wear them... :)

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