Thursday, July 30, 2009

Acme Oyster House and Baytowne Wharf

We went to San Destin. Which it has been about 5 years since I have even been to Destin and WOW! that beach is GORGEOUS!!! It makes me not want to go anywhere else... the water and sand were BEAUTIFUL! We stayed at The San Destin Beach and Golf Resort. Which by the way is HUGE if you have never been there. There is about 20 different places you can stay. We stayed at The Grande which was absolutely beautiful itself. Our two bedroom condo was bigger than mine and richards two bedroom apartment we had when we were first married. I was in ah the whole time. I just kept thinking... if only I was RICH.... i could live a life with bellhops to carry my luggage around for me... we did not touch our luggage the whole time, a tram that I called and before I got downstairs it was waiting to take me to the beach and dropping me off and picking me back up whenever, about 20 different restaurants out my back door, and about 10 thousand kids and activities for the kids to do. It was truly amazing! Now don't get me wrong I could not afford to go on a vacation and stay in a place like this all the time... you know when you go with a company and a state convention they don't put you in the slums... they wine and dine you for sure... and I must say we / i enjoyed living the life of luxury and being wined and dined for 4 days! It will spoil you for sure! Thanks to Reese, the parentals, and AGA! :) Sunday Night we headed to Baytowne Wharf to eat at The Acme Oyster House. The food was really good... and of course no outing goes without pictures on the porch before leaving!
princess brylee
ole snaggle tooth
watching the man shuck oysters
After dinner we walked around Baytowne Wharf and sat and enjoyed the band playing. Brylee and Jackson got to go on stage and dance with the band during a song!
My baby girl loves her some dancing!
Brylee, GoGo, Jackson, and Grandaddy!
Jackson got to ride the zip line across the lake and back. He LOVED it!!! Here he is ready to go! Brylee did the trampoline thing but I missed her b.c i was in line with jackson!
There he goes....
I know terrible picture but the best I could get!
My beach babes!
An attempt of a family picture...
my poor mom God love her is NOT a photographer

We had a great night and the kids loved ever bit of it!!! Baytowne is such a FUN place!

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  1. It looks like you had a great time at Sandestin! What a cute family you have!