Thursday, July 9, 2009

The (belated) SUPRISE!!!!!

This is the long over due SURPRISE post... i know that you have been checking everyday to see what the surprise was right??? HA!
So here it is.... The DUDE and the DIVA got "NEW ROOMS"!!!!
While we were gone to the beach and the lake last week our beloved interior designer came and did some rearranging and redecorating in the kids rooms! I was so excited when i came back and saw their "new rooms" and they were too. Brylee loved hers and just gasp when she saw it... Jackson was hilarious he was said it was "AMAZING"!!!
Jackson's room
the inspiration piece... i saw this picture a few months ago
freaked and had to have it.. i LOVE it! :)
these frames have been in jackson's room since he first
got a "big boy room" and we just change out the pictures
we just added his all star pictures in them
his baseball shelf from this past regular season
Brylee's Room
I love her picture too... it says
Princess lives here... (so true) :)
notice the picture of her and son in law
she was SO excited about that!
i pity the girl that tries to "steal him away" ;)
and her jewelery box she loves that too
here bed and look how cute the flower
and B is on the wall...
her smaller pics...

I think they turned out so cute... i just love how they turned out. Most of the stuff was "old" furniture, window treatments, bedding... they basically got new accessories and a rearrangement of furniture... which made all the difference in the rooms!

Thank you so much to our wonderful interior designer... she is the absolute BEST... she did a great job....and it was an AWESOME surprise!!!! We love you so much! Thank You, Thank You!

And here she is pictured with the dude and the diva!GoGo you are the BEST!!!! XOXO

(and no she is not for hire... sorry)


  1. Super cute!!! I was thinking your big suprise was that you were pregnant! :)

  2. I wish she were for hire.. I'll need some help in the new house.. =) so the rooms.