Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Jen - astics"

Monday was brylee first day of "jen-astics" aka gymnastics. She loved it! She took until december last year but I was just not crazy about the place or the teacher and she stopped asking about it so we stopped going. Well this year i was going to just sign her up for dance but she said she did not want to take is... gasp! I even told her she could take both but she only wanted to take gymnastics. So we are taking gymnastics. I really like this place so far and her teachers seems to be good. At first I was a little sad that she did not want to take dance this year but she has taken for three years and I guess she is done. She really wants to be a cheerleader and she can start next year so I know I would loose dance next year anyway b.c we could not do both so it really is not that big of a deal! Whatever makes her happy... it is not about what I want her to do... but about what SHE wants to do! :)
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