Thursday, August 6, 2009

a new normal.....

a new normal is just around the corner and i am ready... i was ready for summer to come when it came because i was ready for a new normal of sleeping late, vacations, swimming, and a much more laid back routine... but now i am ready for the new normal that will happen in about a week... the new normal of the start of a new school year. The routine that comes with school will be welcomed... being still, being at home, early bed times and more frequent home cooked meals... just a slower pace... i am ready, the kids are ready, and i think hubby is ready too as much as he doesn't want to admit it... he is ready!
i love the start of a new school; yes even when I was teaching i loved the start of the year. It is this time of the year that makes me miss teaching a tinsy tiny bit; but not enough to go back! Thankfully husband is a teacher and i can get my "feel" by helping him. I love "decorating" a room, a list of new names and new faces, a fresh start... who doesn't like a fresh start? A fresh start with a new grade, new teacher, new friends, new school, new classmates... it is so fun to experience a new year and a fresh start!
I also love getting ready for a new year... new shoes, new clothes, new backpack, new lunch box, and supplies... check, check, check.... we are ready!

we have our first day of school outfits ready... jackson got a new backpack that HE picked out... and i swallowed my pride and let him get blue camo even though i wanted a solid red or blue... dear hubby was quick to remind me it was not MY backpack and he was right so blue camo he got... and the shoes... lord have mercy and help us all when jackson grows into his feet... those shoes are a 4 1/2... for those of you who don't buy children's shoes... let me just say in 2 1/2 sizes we will be in MENS department... and he is 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be thinking about all my precious friends who babies are going off to kindergarten this year... you will survived and they will too. Just know that THEY are ready and you have done your job as a parent b.c THEY are ready.... YOU are not ready but pat yourself on the back for a job well done...b.c your baby is ready for kindergarten! And just know there is a precious teacher waiting to love on your baby almost as much a you would!!! They will be in good hands... I promise!

And to all my teacher friends... I will say and extra prayer for you... may God grant you the strength to make it through the first day of school and the beginning of the year... as long as those babies go home (the right way... on the right bus) feeling loved and ate something whether it was their lunch at snack or their snack at lunch... you have done your job... and if they show up the next day for more... you are a hero! Good Luck!!!!


  1. Whoa! Invest in a shoe company now! Haha - we feel that way too - Carter is almost a size 1 and he's 3!!! Oh, love the shorts :)

  2. Well said! Sounds like you have been there, done that before :) Love Jacksons shorts and I let Carter pick out his backpack. It is a red nike one. It's not bad, but NOT my choice :) Where is Brylee going this year?

  3. Aw.. your post made me cry!! Very well said.. I guess I need to get ready, cause here it comes!! Talk to you soon!! Love you