Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Restful Weekend...

Which is something we don't get very often... our choice... sure... we love to be busy... but every now and then it is nice to just stay home and chill! Friday we went to see the Chelsea Hornets play pictures from that b.c it was raining when we left and I really did not think we were even going to get to go but it stopped so we went. They lost :(...
Saturday gogo and grandaddy came and got the kids and took them to breakfast and then to the mall to get some surprises. Daddy had work day at the football field so I had the house to myself for most of the nice! So I took the opportunity to clean out my closet... and I have a big ole rubbermaid tub full of clothes to take to consignment... it will be neat to see if I actually get any money??? LOL
When the kids came back we just played around here... this is what brylee loves to do... and we actually have a super clean table when she gets done...
so proud... the table is covered in shaving cream... she will write and draw all in it... fun times!

jackson dressed to go "play" football!

We had a lazy day sunday... church and a nap...and dinner with the parents, kk, nannie & mark! I must say it was a nice change of pace.

But we are T minus 4 days until the BEACH!!!!!! I am so excited and ready... crossing my fingers and toes that we have nice weather... and looking so forward to some seafood and shopping... and going to the castles and crowns outlet store and the other outlets too... fun times with the fam!

Leaving friday... and going to be proud of our 6X (unexcused absence)... that is for all you sunday school folks... LOL!!!

May you all have a great week... i will have a new niece tomorrow... say a little prayer for a healthy baby... and hopefully i will have pictures tuesday when i get to see and hold that sweet baby!

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