Sunday, September 13, 2009


this weekend we also went over to katy and jamie's to watch the auburn game with colleen and eric too... we had a great time... ate some yummy food... watched a great game... WAR EAGLE!!!... and had lots of great girl conversation... b.c we CAN do two things at one time... right girls??
the girls

me & hubby... see anything ODD??

well if you guessed hubby was the outcast then you were right... all the auburn fans and him... and how about this story for you... hubby is getting dressed, kids and i go to get in the car, he was putting on a light blue shirt when i left, however comes downstairs with this RED and WHITE shirt on.... and then claims that he did not wear it b.c it was red and white he wore it b.c it did not need to be ironed and he did not even think about it being ALABAMA colors.... oh whatever!!!!!! Nice try but NONE of us believed you!
Anyway, despite the shirt argument we had a fun night... thanks Haley's!!!!
PS... my BBF joined the blogging world... so all you blog stalkers out there click on over and welcome her... show her some love... you can visit her here!

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  1. ROLL TIDE I love the colors on your hubby! Lets just say that we are a house divided family as well. The hubby is Auburn and I am an Alabama Fan!!ROLLLLLL TIDE