Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ice Storm 2011...

as i left work on friday and scrolled down facebook on my phone (b.c i live with my head in the sand and bc they don't update you on current event on the disney channel) all the post talked about the SNOW we were going to get... 6 to 8 inches of SNOW! I was so excited... called hubby and gave him the grocery list so he could stop by on his way home so we could stock up for the SNOW... 6 to 8 inches of SNOW!!!! Washed all the ski clothes, found all the gloves and warm clothes we were getting ready all weekend for the SNOW... 6 to 8 inches of SNOW... as we went to sleep Sunday evening I was beginning to think these weather men had missed it AGAIN but still had a little bit of hope that when we woke up we would have 6 to 8 inches of SNOW! But when we woke up... there was NO SNOW just a whole lot of ICE!!!! To say we were disappointed is an understatement... but we made the best of it and played in the ICE!
daddy came up with the idea of riding down our ice covered driveway on boogie boards...
jackson and brylee loved it and the would go so FAST too...
then we started going down our ice covered hill
after we went in and warmed up for a while we came back out later in the afternoon but this time we brought out the sled... which was mine when i was little! :)this is the face when the princess of the family doesn't get her way...
but she is all smiles a few minutes later... can we say rotten! even though we were disappointed there was NO SNOW...
we made the best of our day in the ice!
We also kept warm with this little beverage!!!Caramel Apple Spice
i am slightly addicted to these this winter from starbucks and since we couldn't go "over the mt" to get one we made our own... and they are really good i might add!
if you would like to try one here is how you make it! :)
1 cup (8oz) of apple cider (the stuff in the bottle that looks like apple juice except it says apple cider)
2 tablespoons of caramel (i used the ice cream topping kind in the squirt bottle)
Heat it on the stove or in the microwave until hot and caramel sauce is dissolved... top with redi whip and a little more caramel and enjoy!
Is anyone else OVER this weather I am so over the 20 degree weather this southern girl is ready for the season we call SPRING!!!!!!

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