Monday, February 14, 2011

Brylee's Valentine's Party

Brylee's class made Sweetheart Sundaes as their valentine special snack today and since i am her room mom i went to help! :) I must say out of all the class parties i have done this one was by far the best as far as food and the kids ate it the most and it was was super easy too! We put a scoop of vanilla and strawberry ice cream in a bowl and the we gave them a choice of strawberries, cool whip, sprinkles, and cherries for toppings...most all the kids came back for seconds... they all loved it and i was shocked!
My Little Sweetheart with her Sundae!
Holli, Brylee, and Erin
Brylee and her friend Colin aka Romeo... I guess that makes brylee juliet! ha! :)
Brylee is sitting at a table with all boys... i was shocked b.c she is all into this "boy trapped" thing... if i leave her with rp and jp she says... oh great i am "boy trapped".... whatever that is... thank you kindergarten... so i ask her teacher about it and she said she loves it over their with the boys and "she just gets them"... whatever that means... i guess she bosses them around and they listen... ha!:) but i will say it was a table full of sweet good little boys!!! :)

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