Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break Part 2

the rest of our spring break was just that a nice break {especially for mommy and daddy}...unfortunately I don't have any pictures to prove it :( thursday was daddy day care day since mommy had to work some during spring break... Got to keep those customers happy friday gogo was off so she and I packed a picnic lunch and headed to the leeds park to play... it was a great day to spend at the park... we all enjoyed getting a little sun too... then jax and bry got to go to the gym and swim in the indoor pool during kid swim... they were so excited that was one of the things on their "spring break list" saturday Jackson played in a baseball jamboree game and then jackson and brylee left with granny and pap pap to go spend some time at the lake with them... this is when spring "break" started for mommy and daddy :) i went and did a little shopping saturday afternoon by myself and then I enjoyed a pedicure... I ran into kk at the nail place once we got our toes done we went and enjoyed some chips and dip outside at icantina... It was so nice just to sit outside and enjoy the evening... Richard joined us later and then he and I headed over to the eilers and enjoyed some much needed patio time... it was a great day/evening... sunday after church I enjoyed a quite lunch at home and some rest time on the couch { this is when I should have been cleaning my house and doing laundry... but relaxing was way more fun} then I rode with Richard to sell ice-cream... I had so much fun making some little kids day being the "ice cream man / lady"... I love seeing how excited the kids get ;) and I love seeing some of our friends too (hello jones family)... then I went to run my 9 miles... {i think it has been a while since I talked about running on here... But yes I am still training and my half is in less than 2 weeks... all my running buddies bailed on me... For good reasons of course but i am still running it... I am really ok with running alone I actually prefer it... I got a new pair of shoes and wow the difference that makes I feel like I am running on pillows... I have missed some of my shorts runs due to busyness but I had tried to get my long runs in... training with a busy family is not always easy to fit in... I am getting excited I can't wait to cross the finish line... I laughed and told Richard surely I can finish it in the 4 hour time limit ha ;)... It took me 1 hr 55 min to run 9 miles yesterday surely I can fit 4 more miles in 2 hours... He has full confidence in me ... He said if it was easy everyone would be doing it... I guess he is right... Can't wait to put my 13.1 pink sticker on my car... I am not one for stickers on my car but I will be proud of that one ;)} Hubby and I enjoyed our weekend together... What a nice break... We were refreshed and glad to see our babies... A little break is good for us all! ;) After work today we drove to the lake, enjoyed a homecooked meal, and picked the kiddies up from granny and pap pap good and tired... It did not take them long to fall asleep on the way home. Well that wraps up our spring break... This might be the worlds longest post with no pictures... Are y'all asleep yet too! ps.... I think it is pretty cool that I just typed this post on the way home from the lake on my new iPhone since Verizon finally decided to offer then... As for the iPhone... It's a love / hate relationship there are things that I love about it and there are things I am going to have to get used too but overall I don't miss my blackberry too much ! ;) happy spring... here's to 9 more weeks til SUMMER!!!!!!


  1. good luck in the training!!
    i know it's tough but the joy of the 13.1 will be such a memorable moment!!

  2. We loved getting ice cream from the ice cream truck!! Can't wait to do it again! :)

    Oh, what kind of running shoes do you have that feel like pillows? I need something that will make running more bearable. ;)