Monday, May 2, 2011

Bama Birthday Bash!!!!!

We had Jackson's 8th Bama Birthday Bash last night with our family! Jackson always know EXACTLY what he wants in all situations and his birthday party wishes was no different. I was talking with his last week asking him what he wanted to do for his "family birthday party". He told me he wanted a surprise party... of course I laughed b.c you don't really plan your own surprise party! (he watches G**d Luck Charlie and Teddy has a surprise party that is where this whole thing came from) After much thought i decided to make his "theme" a surprise and he just happen to have to baseball pictures that afternoon so i would have everyone here, decorate the house, and then he would come home and we would all yell surprise... and that is just what we did! :) He LOVED it!!!!! (BTW I am an Auburn fan so to have this much Bama Stuff in my house was tough... but like they saying goes... i would do anything for my little man) Decoration (thank goodness Nonnie has lots of tasteful Alabama stuff)

Here's the BIRTHDAY BOY coming home to his Surprise Party! :)Happy 8th Birthday to my Jackson-Man! Present Time...He got some great presents:

Granny & Pap Pap: Row Boat and Oars for the lake; GoGo & Grandaddy: Baseball Bat (he opened a plastic bat and ball b.c it was on order);Nonnie & Poppie: Alabama Baseball Jersey; Zac & Katie: Snorkel, Mask & Water Gun;KK: Money; Cathy & Randy: more Moo-la

His Birthday Cake.... My Big 8 YEAR OLD!!!!
GoGo, Grandaddy & the b'day boy!Granny & Pap Pap We love you Jackson Man!

Happy Birthday Jackson! we love you so much and hope you had the best bama birthday bash!