Friday, July 22, 2011

BBQ Bunko...

i hosted bunko at my house this month for our neighborhood bunko group... i did a bbq/red, white, and blue theme... several of these things i found on pinterest... are you addicted yet??? oh me oh my i try not to get on it b.c i know when i do there goes 3 hours... it has a zillion ideas for anything under the sun... it is so cool... check it out if you have not... well maybe it is a time waster for sure... consider yourself warned! :) I made patriotic fruit pizza... i saw this on pinterest as a picture and then goggled the recipe... it was good... sweet but good! my father in law smoked me a boston butt and my honey made his families secret family bbq sauce recipe... they were both so good... i found this little cuties on pinterest too... they were really cute when the whip cream was not running like in my picture... then i made corn dip and how cute are these chips... who knew??? red white and blue chips... thank you world market... we had a great time playing bunko as always... we were a few short so brylee and her friend mallee got to play... they did so good and if we had paid for them mallee would have won most wins and brylee would have won most bunkos... now they are going to want to come every time... we usually don't let them come but summer was a little more relaxed! :)

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