Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Meet the Teacher....

We went to meet the teacher twice this week! :) Monday we met Jackson's teacher Mrs. Richardson... she seems really sweet and he has a few friends in his room too! We are looking forward to a great 3rd grade year... he is the "senior class" at his school this year...i can't believe how am i old enough to have a 3rd graders????
Look out 3rd grade!!!!
jackson and mrs. richardson :-)

Tuesday night we met brylee's teacher
Brylee is so excited about school starting... she is ready freddy... and she got her a sassy new hair cut too... low maintenance and less tangles! ha :) First Grade are you ready for Brylee?
b.c she is ready for you!!!!!
She was a little bummed about her teacher at first b.c she did not get Jackson's first grade teacher; which was also one of her sunday school teachers and several of her church friends did. She also did not have a BFF in there either.... BUT when we saw her room and meet her teacher she was SOLD! She went on and on about how cute it is... only a girl like brylee would care and she loved that her teacher was young and was dressed cute! ha! :-) again only brylee would care... so i have no dought she is right where she needs to be! Oh the difference between boys and girls... jackson could not tell you what was in his room or if his teacher even had clothes on... but brylee girl on the other hand is all about the details... wonder where she gets that from??? :) well... we are all ironed and packed and ready for tomorrows BIG DAY! My prayer for my babies (and my hubby) is that they all have a wonderful year, learn a lot, and make great friends! Good Luck guys... this mama loves you all very much!!!!!!

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