Monday, September 12, 2011

Football. Football, and more Football...

Jackson is the ball boy for the CMS football team! We went to one of the games to see him in action! He thinks he is one of the team players. He goes to most of the practices and he loves game days because that means he get to get off the bus at the middle school, go eat dinner with the team, then go to study hall (where you HAVE to have an ipod to listen to music while studying... ha! :)), and then it is time to dress out and get ready for the game and if it is an away game he rides the bus with the team... where the rule is "you can't talk on the bus on the way to the game but if you win you get to talk on the ride home!" HA! :) I love to listen to all his stories! :)
zac and brylee came to cheer him on...
Richard also told me Jackson gives an end of the game talk in the huddle when the game is over. He said the players love it and one time he wasn't going to talk and they started chanting his name. I am so glad he gets to be a part of the team... at least it buys mommy a few more years of him playing "real football"! :)

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