Monday, September 12, 2011

Jackson the ski master...

Jackson has been skiing on two skis connected for about 2 or 3 summers but this weekend we took his skis apart and he skied on two with them apart. He did great... got up the first time! He was so proud! He had a little trouble making it outside the wake the first time but by the end of the weekend he was doing tricks... like skiing with one hand and putting his other in the water... ha! I guess that is a trick when you are 8! The neighbors offered to let jackson try to slalom and he did great but could not quite master it... he would get up but them fall. He only tried a few times so maybe next summer he can work on it again and master that too! :) We had a great weekend... this little guy (and my baby girl for that matter) l0ve the lake and i am so glad they do. They are making lots of fun memories!

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