Friday, October 21, 2011

Peace, Love, and Polish... a pink & orange birthday party!!!

Every good and perfect party starts with an inspiration piece...
brylee's birthday party inspiration piece was her dress...
when i saw this lemon loves lime dress i fell in love with it and i knew it would be her birthday dress and i would do her whole party in those colors to match her dress!
brylee picked the theme of her birthday party...
she wanted a peace sign birthday party
and for her and all her friends to have their nails and toes painted...
and that is just what she had and she loved it!
I used Inviting You Designs for brylee's invitations... i have used them for tons of things in the past especially when my kids were little... i got thank you cards, calling cards, bottle and sippy cup stickers, and of course other birthday invites too. Heather and Amy never disappoint and you can't bet the price. When I sent Heather an email... i sent her a picture of brylee's dress to show her our birthday colors and told her we wanted peace signs.... and after a few more emails... this was our final product... brylee was so excited when they came in and so was I... they were just what we wanted!
a few more pics of the birthday girl
and my latest birthday party obsession...
polka dot balloons...
how cute are those!!!!
Now on to the birthday party table...
we used our colors pink, orange, turquoise and chocolate brown i am obsessed with mason jars right now too
so i wanted to use those for the drinks and fun curly straws too...
we served the girls a light snack before they got their nails and toes done...
we had flower sandwiches, cheese curls, strawberries dipped in chocolate
and of course a cupcake! cupcakes with toppers also made by Inviting You...candle and cake time for the birthday girl....make a wish...As always I had so much fun collecting and making all the items for the birthday party and I know the birthday girl and all her friends had a great time too!
more birthday pictures to come...


  1. You should be a party planner! amazing shelly

  2. What a FUN party. And cute pictures of her too. You sure know how to make a great party. I might need to hire you!

  3. This is precious! I love, love, love it!!

  4. Love, love, love this! Will you plan Bentleys party? Lol, so cute and creative!!

  5. LOVE! I am hiring you to plan ALL THREE of my kiddos' birthday parties! :)

  6. I love this Shelly!!! Fabulous colors for her party!!

  7. oh my shelly.. I LOVE it all... brylee is a lucky little girl!!! I love how the dress was the inspiration.. great pics too!!! hope to see you next week!!!