Saturday, December 10, 2011

Miss Merry Christmas Pageant

Brylee was in the Miss Merry Christmas Pageant on Saturday. She is all about being in this pageant every year and it basically just stresses me out! I often think I should have a house full of boys... I am much better with boys! ha! I am really not a girly girly... I can get you dressed for any sporting event but when it comes to dressing up a girl I am at a loss. So I called in reinforcements... Mandy to do her hair and make up and GoGo to get her dressed! :)
She had fun doing the pageant especially since lots of her friends were in the pageant. Three of the four winners where her friends!
My beautiful baby girl!
She had lots of family cheering her on... GoGo and Grandaddy, Granny and Pap Pap, KK and Nannie and of course Mommy, Daddy, and Jackson... Cousin Katie was also in the pageant...
The pageant was fun and Brylee enjoyed being princess for a day and getting all dressed up! Of course she was disappointed when she did not win but oh well... like i told her you can't always win everything and you are beautiful and a winner in our eyes so that is all that matters... unfortunately that doesn't come with a big ole trophy!~ :)

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