Wednesday, December 14, 2011

School Christmas Parties...

Brylee had her Christmas Party on Tuesday. Her room moms outdid themselves again with some super cute food items. Rice crispy christmas balls, snowman on a stick, and a few other treats. There plates sure did look cute how ever they did not eat much b.c it was right after lunch!Sweet Friends... Brylee and Mattie
Jackson had his Christmas Party on Wednesday. I guess the older you get the parties start to get pretty low key. They made cookies and ate snack mix. My sweaty boy who just came in from recess before his party... Each table wrote Mad Gad poems where you fill in the blanks with different words to make a story and then they read it aloud. Of course they use silly words mostly... like it ask for a liquid in one blank and they said toilet water... oh me oh my got to love some 3rd grade humor!

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