Thursday, November 24, 2011


Thanksgiving...I remember thinking I was so glad when baseball, cheerleading, and football ended because we were going to be home and "have so much time" on our hand and life was just going to slow down.... Bah ha ha ha ha!!!!!! Life is not going to slow down E.V.E.R. and my time for blogging is not going to increase either... so better late than never...Happy Thanksgiving!!!! We celebrated Thanksgiving with Richard's Family the Saturday before thanksgiving at the lake. For some reason Jack-Jack decided to let me take some pictures of him this day so i did! :)
Happy Thanksgiving from My Little Turkeys!
Thanksgiving Day we ate Brunch at my parents house and then went to my Uncles house for thanksgiving dinner! I snapped a few pictures of the kiddos before we left! And I got totally hazed by my family for my children not wearing "turkey clothes" on babies are growing up sniff, sniff! :)
We had a wonderful thanksgiving sending time with family and counting our many many blessings!

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