Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 14, 2012: Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Valentine surprises for my two sweethearts!!!opening their valentine surprises
bed head and all... :)jackson got is favorite...
all candy!!!!
Brylee's favorite's...
a peace shirt and jewelery!!!
my little stud...
my little baby girl....
*** Sister went to school "all day" today and even ate lunch in the lunchroom... YAY!!! Sissy Girl Friend!!!! I am glad she stayed all day so she could enjoy all the valentine activities... What a fun day!!! I checked her out at 2:15 so she would not have to ride the bus home... she said she is not ready for the rowdy bus yet! ha! :) Other than being hungry and getting a head ache from reading all her valentine cards in the car on the way home she said she had a GREAT DAY!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!****
After I picked them up I took them to Krispy Kreme for a special valentine snack! However, Poor Brylee look one bite of her donut and said it did not taste good... so we could not let that baby go to waste... so I ate it! :) and I took her to mickey dee's and got her some chicken bites!!!

We enjoyed a low key valentines night at home and enjoyed some delicious baked ziti, bread, salad and brownies and i did not even have to cook it... take them a meal rocks!!!!

Hope you and your had a Happy Valentine's Day!!!! Full of lots of LOVE!!!!!!

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