Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20, 2012 --- Pre Op Apt for Brylee

Monday was the much anticipated Pre-Op appointment for Brylee. We met with the surgeon and discussed how she has been since we left the hospital 2 weeks ago and what our next steps would be. She will have surgery on March 15th! I will say that is longer that I thought we would have to wait... I was hoping we would get to do it this week! :( But we have to wait 6 to 8 weeks to make sure the infection is clear before they remove her appendix. I will say I thought they would have done labs, xrays, ultra sound or something but nope just ask us a few questions and pushed on her tummy a few times and that was all she wrote! They said if she was not running a fever, throwing up, or having pain then she was fine! Which is so crazy to me but I guess that is why they are the doctor and I am the parent... clearly those are two different roles! :) So we will wait until March 15th and arrive bright and early for her surgery and then we will have to stay the night and then we should get to leave the next day as long as everything goes well! Overall, she is doing great. She started going to school all day and riding the bus home and everything is going great! She still takes Motrin sometimes but not all the time! She is pretty much back to normal! PRAISE THE LORD! Please pray for Brylee:
  • Pray she continue to do well
  • Pray she doesn't get sick b.c we certainly don't want to post pone the surgery
  • Pray that the surgery goes well with no complications

Thanks again for all your love, prayers and concern you have shown our family during this time! We greatly appreciate it!

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