Friday, February 3, 2012

February 3, 2012 --- GOING HOME!!!!!!

Today the dr. came in this morning and said "your labs came back great... ARE YOU READY TO GO HOME!!!!!" I was in shock I will say I did not believe him at first and really didn't until the nurse came in and said she had our discharge papers!!!!
It was probably 2 hours from when the doctor came in and told us we were going home before I packed the first thing! I ask the nurse when she came in "Is he for real... are we really going home"... she said YES! And I even said... they are not going to charge their minds... we really get to go home today! She laughed and said yes!!!
So i got to packing and getting everything ready for us to leave... i really could not believe we were leaving!!!!
We said good bye to our home away from home... room 688 in 6NW of children's hospital!!! Brylee all ready to go home!!!as you can tell she was not as happy to go home as I was...
I guess i don't blame her... if someone had been taking such good care of me like the nurses did at Children's I would not be ready to leave either!!!
Downstairs by the painted cow...
it seemed fitting since we had our boots on!
I told Brylee I was more excited to get myself and her dressed and take her home today than I was the day I brought her home from the hospital when she was born! Now that was a pretty special day... but this topped that one by far... and I am told getting her dressed for her wedding will be even better... I simply can not imagine!
yes i still have my green hospital bracelet on (actually still do) and don't really plan on taking it off soon... this bracelet means way to much to me... it symbolized a whole lot and I am just not ready to forget all what the good Lord did for us and all the prayers he answered in room 688! I might take it off one day... but I am really thinking I want a green bracelet with the word STRONG on it! I think this saying sums up my 2 week stay in Children's Room 688!!!!
You never know how strong you are
until being strong is the only choice you have!
Ok back to the coming home pictures...
Good Bye Children's...
How can we ever thank you for taking such good care of my baby! on our way home with her peace sign balloon from Granny!
we had some pretty special messages when we got home...
thank you mrs. lori

and aunt lindsey, zac and katie!!!

Friday was a great day!!!! I could not have been more excited that we got to come home!!!! It was almost an out of body experience! It has been 2 weeks since i wore real clothes, shoes, actually got fully dressed, rode in a car (besides going around the block for lunch once)... everything just looked weird! :)

Once we got brylee home and settled and she crashed out i could not wait to go somewhere!!!! So Richard and I went to run from errands... I drove around with the radio cranked up... i know dumb but it had been 2 weeks since I had driven or heard a radio!

I can promise you one thing.... I was appreciating the SMALL THINGS on Friday!!!!

And yes being home and sleeping in a real bed was wonderful too!

So where do we go from here: We are home on 2 oral antibiotics that we give at 8am, 4pm, and 12 midnight (yes that one is as fun as it sounds to give) for the next week! Our orders are food, school, and activities as tolerated... meaning we can do what she feels like doing! We are hoping to start half days at school next week! Then we go back to the doctor mid february and at that time we will schedule a surgery date!

Thank you all SO SO SO much for all your prayers! Please continue to pray for my baby girl! She is home but she is not her old spunky self yet and lets not forget we still have a perforated appendix which is what started this whole journey so we are on the mind but not out of the woods yet!!!

*** and I actually kept up with my picture a day even when we were in the hospital... i went back and added the date and pictures to the post that did not have any!!!***

{ also i downloaded picasa on our new to us laptop and they have lots of new actions on the new one and i am slightly obsessed with them... can you tell??...}

Happy to be HOME!!!!

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