Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 8, 2012 & an update on Brylee

{this pan is going to be the death of me}
our sunday school class so graciously set us up with a "take them a meal" plan so we can focus our attention on brylee and getting back into "life" without the worry of dinner... well this little pan of heaven came from my friend lisa tonight and OMG it is so good! I am pretty sure I will eat half the pan by myself and gain 50 lbs doing it!!!!
*** Update on Brylee***
  • We are enjoying be HOME!!!!
  • We still are not all sleeping great but I hope that will come soon! We have to get up at midnight to give Brylee medicine which is not fun at all! I told her I was going to video her acting "so terrible" so she could see... funny thing is she doesn't even remember when we wake her up and give it to her but my oh my she is a bear for sure!! The funniest things she said to me was "REALLY MOM REALLY!!!"
  • She went to school Monday for 2 hrs and yesterday and today for half days and we are hoping to go half days for the rest of the week too. She is doing good going back but of course is tired when we pick her up. She took a nap the first day but none after that!
  • I am not sure when she will go all day... she is terrified of the lunchroom! She says it is going to "stink" in there and I am sure all the food smells probably will stink to her now! She is also afraid she is going to barf in front of her friends! :( Poor baby!
  • She is getting her appetite back somewhat except most things she eats make her stomach hurt! :( She doesn't get barfy sick just complains about it hurting. Which is another reason I am worried about the whole lunchroom/eating at school thing!
  • Thank goodness for yogurt in all types and flavors... that is pretty much all she eats!!!

Thanks again for all your prayers! Brylee is getting better and better each day and for that I am so thankful! Please keep praying that her stomach will ease up and that her body will adjust back to real food soon! We will finish her oral meds on Friday and it will be about a week before go back to the dr. for our follow up. I am worried about what will happen when we are off antibiotics since it we have been on them the past 3 weeks... please pray all goes well with that transition!

All our Love and Prayers!!!!

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