Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012

Good Bye Appendix Party!!!!!
Brylee's friend Mattie's sweet mom Christina called and ask me if we could have a good bye appendix party for Brylee!! How sweet is that?!?! So today she and her girls came over along with our neighbor Mallie, Harper T and Coleigh and their moms and siblings and we had us a Good Bye Appendix Party complete with pink cupcakes, birthday cake ice cream, and juice boxes!!! I am so thankful for sweet friends!!!!
The Party Crew!!
*** Well Thursday is the day!!!!***
Can you say a prayer for us?
*Please pray for Brylee she is definitely anxious to say the least! She has lots of questions and just wants it to all be over! Me too Sister, Me TOO!!!!! She told me she had a dream that they could not get her to "go to sleep" so they strapped her to the table and took it out and she was awake. God Love HER!!! We assured her that would NEVER happen!
*Please pray that she doesn't "loose it" when she has to "leave us" the morning of the surgery and walk or be wheeled to the Operating Room... I don't think I can handle her screaming my name or crying for me!!!!
*Please pray for the doctors, the procedure, the recovery, just the whole day, for mommy and daddy and of course Brylee!!!!
Thank you so much!!!!!
We can do this... to God be the Glory!!!!

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