Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012

{Defeat and Disappointment}
JP's team made it to the first round playoffs. Sadly enough #1 had to play #4 (that was our team) and it was not pretty! Our team just did not "show up" to play baseball and we lost 14 to 0! ZERO!!!!! :( I felt bad for our boys (and my hubby too)! This was JP after the game I know he felt defeated and disappointed! But unfortunately; that's life; you can't always win and sure it's hard to learn that lesson at 8 years old and as a mom my heart breaks for him and his team. But I think the most important lesson I can teach him is that you come back out next time and play even harder! You never give up! Sure it's ok to feel disappointed but hopefully he will remember what that felt like and next time he will play even harder!

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