Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20, 2012

{Just keep swimming...}

Today we had our baseball team swimming party... as you can see the kids loved that!!!!
Brylee loved the slide....
 JP spent more time on the zip line than the pool.. but i missed his ride every time 
 The G family has a rockin' pool and playground... they boys had a BLAST!!!! 

a rowdy bunch a boys...
 JP getting his trophy!!!! 
We had a great time with a great team...
I am going to miss my baseball team buddies!!!

What a fun weekend for JP... a camp out last night, pool party today, and all star practice...
needless to say we did not have to "rock him to sleep" 
he was out in no time... 
bring on summer!!!!!!

*** Finally I am all caught up... Disney and all... scroll on down... 
they are all in date order so you might need to skip around to catch the rest of disney***

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