Saturday, May 26, 2012

May 26, 2012

{Lake Time}

Saturday Brylee, Zac, Katie and I did a lot of swimming and playing in the lake until all the others arrived! 

Brylee loved swimming and turning flips in the water. 
 Zac was having a grand ole time splashing the girls in his little boat
 Katie and Brylee were all about swimming with their goggles and mask... 
those things were popular items this weekend! 
 After lunch JP came down with my parents after baseball and then Daddy came a little later in the evening!

We headed out on the boat and our first stop was the rope swing! 
 all four cousins riding the tube... 
I am so proud of my nephew Zac... he has a very reserved personality and is not one to take risk. But this year he has come a long way... he rode the tube, jumped off the rope swing, and is jumping in the lake and swimming all around the lake. I remember a time not too many years ago he would not even get off the boat much less swim, tube or rope swing! Good Job Zac a Roo!!!

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