Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 6, 2012

{the sickies}

The kiddos have been feeling up to par for a few days... nothing real serious but just not acting themselves... i can usually tell when the attitudes are at an all time high usually they are sick... so Sunday we decided to take them to the After Hours clinic to be checked out! Let's just say this after hours clinic is the real deal... no option pole here... no mommy telling dr. what kiddos have and dr believing them and giving meds out! No this is the take blood out of your arm with a big ole needle doctor. First time they missed Jackson vein completely and as you can image that made for a great dramatic second try! After the first time he all but passes out... turns white as a ghost telling us he is not hot and cold... i was fanning him with his hat, RP was yanking his shoes off... and he just passes out! LOVELY!!!! Then when it was Brylee's time... you can only image the drama queen that showed up. Poor nurse! But in Brylee's defense she has been through it all this year and she doesn't believe anyone's "its not going to hurt story"... i ended up passing the hat to daddy and let him deal with her... I had done Jackson and I was done! :) Needless to say, after all that they both have micro plasma... which is what I told the dr. we had when we walked in.... Mommy's are so smart! :)  We walked away with some meds and a visit to Krispy Kreme and life was all good again! 

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