Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11,2012

{Show me the Money!!!!}
Jackson's all star team was selling t-shirts and I was helping sell the shirts and collect the money. Well, to make a long story short... I lost the money bag that had almost $100 cash in it and checks as well. I could not figure out what I did with it... actually I thought I left it at the ball park and needless to say it was gone! I looked for over a week and could not find it... so I had to do the only thing I knew to do... ask the people to re write their checks (which by the way people are a little picky about their checking accounts I was actually surprise... I would not have cared if someone lost a check of mine made out to cyc but apparently some people are way more OCD about their checking account than I am... sorry beside the point) and pay the cash I had lost... which was no fun at all but it was my mistake and a lesson learned! I pretty much just put it to rest after I replaced the money! One night of no sleep and having it consume my every thought for a whole week was more than I could handle! I was even dreaming about finding it in random places and I would wake up and go look there and of course it would not be there.

My mom has bible study on monday nights and they prayed last monday night that I would find the money bag... but I did not! So this Monday night I am cleaning up Brylee's room (that her daddy lets her destroy during "Daddy Daycare" and not clean up) and I was so annoyed while doing it. I picked up a white binder out of haste and low and behold out flies across the room my red money bag. At first I did not even think anything about it and then I all of a sudden I was like OMG there is that money bag... I unzipped it and there was all the checks and cash I thought I had lost! I was so excited!!!!!!!

My mom (who was at bible study) had just sent me a text asking about the weather so I sent her a text back and told her I had FOUND THE RED MONEY BAG!!!! She immediately called me and put me on speaker phone so her whole Bible study girls could hear my story and Cathy told me she had just prayed for me to find it 15 MINUTES before I found it!!!! Can you believe that???

All I could say was GOD REALLY DOES CARE ABOUT THE LITTLE THINGS IN MY LIFE!!!!!! I could not thank God enough!!!! I know $100 is not like loosing $1000 but still paying $100 for basically nothing was just annoying!!!

God is Good!!!!! 

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