Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18, 2012

{District Champs!!!!!}
Tonight the Chelsea Hit Men came home with the first place trophy by beating Vincent in the championship game by one point!!!! So proud of our boys!!!!!   
District Champs!!!! 
 My handsome little man with the first place trophy!!! 
 Love my boys and baseball!!!!! 

 Jackson Man also brought home a pretty important prize tonight... not only did his team get a first place trophy to take back to the park and a first place metal to bring home but he also got the game ball! Which really is a big deal... Coach Gongwer doesn't give game balls out... his philosophy is that baseball is a team sport... you play as a team and win or loose as a team. It is not an individual sport!!!! Anyway, so tonight he called jackson up and gave him the game ball for being a good sport and pumping up his team when they were down. We made some errors and he did his job in the circle as "quarterback of the team" and cheered his team up. He also got 2 of the 3 outs in one inning to put the "life" back in our team when we were feeling defeated!!!! Needless to say, I am one proud mama!!!!  
Now we are off to Area!!!!!!
Let's bring home the GOLD again Hitmen!!!!! 

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