Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 9, 2012

{Chelsea Invitational Champs}
Saturday we played more baseball... I know you are shocked right??? We were suppose to only play one game but due to all the rain that was predicted on Sunday we went ahead and finished the tournament on Saturday... so that mean our boys played 3 games on Saturday. Actually they played FIVE games in 24 hrs... insane... but honestly I think they would have played again and again! They are some baseball lovin' guys!!! We played the other Chelsea team twice and once was the championship game... it is tough to play against your friends!!! But in the end Chelsea came out on on top!!!! Good Job Chelsea Hit Men!!!!! 

Jackson getting his trophy from Coach Gongwer 
(i know terrible picture :( )
 Both Chelsea Teams: Chelsea Black and Chelsea White!!! 
 Chelsea Hit Men Chelsea Invitational Champs!!!! 

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