Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 18, 2012

{Opening Ceremony}
Tonight we went to the World Series Opening Ceremony. It was held at the amphitheater at Snowden Grove, Park. The first part of the ceremony the boys traded pins with other players from the other teams. We had a list if every team there and we would walk around with our player and look for other players and then ask them if they wanted to trade pins. If they did not have your pin yet then they would trade a pin with you but if they had you had to go find another player from that team and try and trade with them. It was fun but a little crazy! Now I love stuff like that; so JP and I were like a man on a mission. We did pretty good... I think we got almost every team that had a pin.  Needless to say, his pin towel was full on the front and some on the back and we got all the teams we actually played so he was happy! 
Our pin is the one on the far right of the towel at the bottom... needless to say it was our first time to go so we did not know that some of these pins would be HUGE! Some of them were really cool... one team had a dangling shark tooth; all the boys liked that one! We will be better prepared if we ever get the chance to go again! 

Our team bought these nike bags for all the boys to carry their pins and pin towels in while they were swapping and that worked out great. Here are they boys after the pin trading "madness"! I wish I had gotten some pictures during pin trading but it was just too crazy! 
 Then we went to the actual stage area for the ceremony. All the teams were lined up in the back of the stage and were called out on by on. When they came out they would throw candy, toys, dance, scream, yell, etc... that was really fun! We had great seats first three rows so we caught all kinds of candy! It was so fun!
 Here are the Chelsea Hitmen!!!! (RP said he felt like a rock star about to go on stage ha! :) 2 boys carried our picture banner and the rest threw candy! Our banner won "best banner"! :)
 JP and the boys throwing candy!!!! Funny thing is that all the boys from all the teams took this throwing candy thing serious. They were throwing it so hard like it was the game winning out at home!!!
 This was Northport Nationals form t-town... I thought all their flags were really cool! 
 This just shows you how many people were there... it was insane! It was like a concert! This was at the end... all the teams are standing on the hill in the back with the sunset behind them!
 It was a super fun night! All the boys got the royal treatment for sure!!! So excited for JP and his team!

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