Friday, July 6, 2012

July 6, 2012

{State Tournament Time}
Today we headed up to the big city of Cullman for the 8U Baseball State Tournament!
We all stayed at a hotel together and let me tell you that is BIG FUN when you are 8 yrs old!!!
Those boys ran up and down the hall, "prank called" each others room, knocked on each others room door and then would run away (I am not sure what the politically correct word for that is... but i will not type what we used to call it), they were all over the place!
 I am certainly glad everyone in the whole hotel was up there for baseball! 

We played one game Friday Night and we WON that game!!! :)
Then it was pool party time... these boys had fun swimming all together in the hotel pool! 

Bed Time... well that was a little challenging...
but we survived and everyone finally settled down and went to sleep! 

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