Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 8, 2012

{My Little Pitcher Man}
Today we played 2 baseball game. We played Northport #2 the first game and WON! That was HUGE!!! Northport is like the baseball capital of the south... they know how to play some baseball and are usually the team that wins it all! My little pitcher man owned that game... he shut their bunting game down and made several good snags! This is not just a proud mama talking this actually came from the coaches on the other team! I will say nothing make me more proud of my little ball player than to get complements from the other team on his baseball playing ability. 
The second game we played Northport #1... we LOST! It was our first loss this all star season! Those boys are AMAZING!!!! (they are predicted to win the World Series). They were making diving catches and all kind of amazing baseball plays! They are a good baseball team! I told Jackson if you have to loose might as well loose to the best! We would love to win our next game and play them again in the championship game... lets hope we can! :)
They are a team that play with a lot of class (that is not always the case)! After we played the game they called both team to the middle and said a prayer! I was TOTALLY impressed! Even though we lost; which is not fun... it was still a great day at the ball park! 

We are still in the tournament b.c it is double illumination but right now we will take at least 3rd place. That is something no 8 year old Chelsea All Star has done. They have never been top 3 in the state! Chelsea Hit Men you are a special group of boys playing some awesome baseball! 

Go Chelsea Hit Men!!! 

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