Friday, August 17, 2012

August 13, 2012

{bike wreck}
Since daddy day care was officially closed for the summer and jax and bry were not back in school yet I had to call on family keep them this week! My dad volunteered to keep the Monday!

One of their favorite things to do at my parents house is ride their bikes! So that is what they did 1st thing Monday morning but this time things were a little different... This bike ride adventure turned into a bike wreck for poor brylee! ;(

My dad called to tell me brylee had a bike wreck and had a few scratches! Then later on brylee sent me this picture of herself! Oh my! That is more than a few scratches! ;) ouch!

Once I got her home and got her all cleaned up and bathed she looked a lot better! Thank goodness!

Poor baby girl what a way to start the last week of summer!

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