Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 16, 2012

{Jackson's Meet the Teacher & Scrimmage}

Today we went to CHIS... I can't believe JP is at the intermediate school... it seems like such a big and scary place! :) We meet his teacher and she seems super sweet! Jackson was just ready to get there meet his teacher and put his supplies up quickly b.c he had football scrimmage on the brain! Shocker!!!!
 After meet the teacher Jackson's team scrimmaged the other chelsea team... let me just say it is so hard to figure out which one he is on the field... they all look alike... I can kind of find jackson b.c he is only of the only ones in white pants but it is still hard... I guess i can add that to my list of reasons why i don't like football! :) 
(Sweet Sisters) 
Brylee and Cameron were super glad to see each other! Cameron's brother plays on the other team and these 2 sweet girls stood down front and lead cheers for the crowd all by themselves... well when they weren't eating snow cones! :) I would say they got more crowd participation with their cheers than the football players did for their game.... partly b.c all the moms could not figure out which on was our son so we just gave up! :)

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