Friday, August 17, 2012

August 17, 2012

{Blue/White Night}
Tonight we had Blue/White Night at the high school. They invited ALL the cheerleaders and ALL the football players which is about 16 gabillion kids to come. They called each of the cheerleaders names and football players and they ran across the field. Needless to say it took 40 forevers and they all looked like little ants on the field which is why my pictures stink too!  I hope we have our own CYC blue/white next year  at the middle school where we play our games and not have to do this whole high school thing... lets face it these kids (and most parents) could care less about the middle school and high schools scrimmages. I am glad this is already in the works!!! :) 

Brylee doing her cartwheel in mid field... she did great so proud of her! 
 JP giving Coach Chaz high five on the way across!!!

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