Thursday, August 9, 2012

August 9, 2012

{Last Week of "Daddy Day Care"}
This week ends another summer of Daddy Day Care!
These 3 have had lots of fun this summer
I know he is going to miss these 2 munchkins next week! 

At RP's job as the CEO of Daddy Day Care 
he can dress casual every day... gym shorts and t-shirts
the hours are pretty usually don't have to report to work until 9:00AM 
prepare brunch of pancakes, muffins, or biscuits and gravy...
all with your personal assistants help, of course 
and most days you are off by 4:00PM
the work load is light most days... 
swimming, movies, BMX track, Xbox just to name a few weekly activities... 
might have to referee sibling fights, 
needy ness, and the desire for constant entertainment are high demands
other than that... 
keep this kids alive and well and you get to come back the next day! :)

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