Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 12, 2012

{Wednesday Night Kids Worship}
Wednesday nights before we break into our RA and GA small groups we have a short kids worship time. The RA's and GA's sing a song (which I love b.c they get all into the singing; hand motions and all) say the pledges to the flags and Bible, and say their RA and GA motto! Wednesday night Brylee got to hold the Bible for the pledge; which is a big deal in case you were wondering! :)

Have I told you how much we LOVE Wednesday Night church at LBC? It might be my favorite night of the week. We love family dinner... most of the meals are really yummy and I love sitting around talking to all my mommy friends. I also get my baby fix during that time by lovin' of little Walker Dean! I will say it has gotten easier the older the kids have gotten... they can fix their own plates and sit with their friends to eat. No more getting high chairs and trying to feed them and eat too! We have a young couple in our church that remind me so much of RP and I. They have a little boy and a little girl that are about 15 months apart and they are running all over the place; fetching high chairs, chasing kids, and juggling 4 plates, silverware, and drinks. The little girl reminds me so much of Brylee b.c she is a chuck of burning love and always has a BIG ole bow in her hair! I smiled and told Jessica that it really does get easier the older they get and that her and Lance reminded me so much of RP and I at that stage of our lives. I think it was music to her ears. As a matter of fact, Lance told me last week Jessica told me you said we would survive I am holding you too it! :)

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