Thursday, September 6, 2012

September 6, 2012

{First Football Game}

Well, today was the day JP has looked forward to since he was 3 years old... his first real football game! Oh My! The excitement was at an all time high from the time he woke up. As much as I am digging my heels in the ground and "praying" he hates this sport and I am trying to convince him daily that standing on the sidelines with his helmet in his hand is still cool... he is not buying it... I think his daddy might be telling him a different story??? SAD FACE!!!!   

I was lost the whole time... I have no idea what is going on half of the time... I spend all my time looking for him on the field... and then just when I think I find him... the next play he is somewhere else... oh my it wears me out to keep up with him. Thank goodness for the announcers I know to cheer loud when I hear "Jackson Powers with a first down" or "Jackson Powers #44 with a fumble recovery"!!! YAY! The rest of the time I am LOST!!!! 

Thankfully I was able to find him on a few plays and able to snap a pictures of my little cutie pie football player. 

Listen here little dude you better not hurt my baby or you will be dealing with me... :) ok I did not say that but I am not going to say I did not think it! :) 
 Kick Off Team... 
 Proudly wearing daddy's number... 
 Oh yes JP hang out here on the sidelines and drink water... that sounds like a great idea! 
too bad that only lasted a few seconds! :)
So the Chelsea Raiders won their first game 28-14!!!! 
Raider Nation!!!! 

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