Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 10, 2012

{JP scored his first TOUCHDOWN!!!!!}
JP had a football game on Wednesday night... due to a scheduling conflict... 
I was watching the game and all of a sudden it looked like JP had the ball and was running for a touchdown... but it was like I was watching it in slow motion b.c I could not really tell if it was him or not...
he is not one to always carry the ball but I knew they had plays that he could carry them but usually are fearless "offensive coordinator" doesn't usually call those plays! :) 
Well low and behold it was JP and he scored his first TD!!!! 
He was so excited... he came over to the sidelines and just looked up at me in the stands... 
like did you see that mom??? I gave him the thumbs up!!! :)
Well of course I did not have my camera and even if I would have I am sure I would not have gotten a picture so I took this one after the game!!! 
Proud mamma moment!!!! 

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