Saturday, October 27, 2012

October 27, 2012

{Halloween Party #2}

Tonight our Sunday School class had a Halloween Party. The adults and kids were suppose to dress up... I will be honest I hate dress up stuff! I know I should have fun but its just not my thing! And RP... yay right... he is certainly not going to dress up!  It was also FREEZZZZING!!!! so my goal was for us to be warm! So brylee and I were cowgirls! :) Pig tails, a bandanna and freckles was as good as it gets for me!!! 

The Cowgirls... 

Gosh is it me or do Brylee and I look so much alike in this picture... kind of scary!!!!  

Jackson went as a motor cross rider and wore his 4 wheeler riding clothes! 

there was about a gazillion kids there... 
that is one thing our sunday school doesn't have a problem with is having babies! :) 
a group pictures... and i don't think this was everyone... 
peoples, peoples everywhere... 
It was fun but it was COLD!!!! We stayed for a little while but headed home in time for the Alabama Game... i think it is safe to say this mama is not a fan of freezing cold weather... fall weather i love... winter no thanks!!! :)

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