Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 31, 2012: Halloween!!!!

{Halloween Party}
Every year we have a Halloween Party at our house. We used to have the same 5 families but this year things grew a little... the more the merrier! We had around 47 people; 19 of them were kids! We had kids EVERYWHERE but they all had a great time eating and trick or treating! We had tons of food and the guys hang out outside and the girls hung out inside and the kids ran wild... hey it's halloween that's what they should do right?? 

Jackson and Brylee dressed up like a Butterfly and a Motor Cross Rider. 
Whatever!!! It's about what they want to be not what I want them to be! :) And let me add the older they get the harder it is to find an appropriate Halloween costume; either their are babyish or they look like they need to stand on the street corner. We opted for neither! :) 

There is always one in the group right??? This would be our friend Ray... he was "King of my double wide trailer"... you have to know Ray to appreciate it! Oh My!
 Some of the girls on Halloween... 
love me some Harper T... photo bomber! :) 
 This would a trailer FULL of kids and some moms. 
This is what 19 kids trick or treating looks like! :) 
 JP and his football buddy Zac in the back of the Artic Cat! 
We had a great time hanging with our friends and watching the kids run from house to house feeling their bucket with candy. Can you imagine what our neighbors thought when 19 kids showed up at their door trick or treating... ha! I bet they thought that line of kids wanting candy would never end!
Happy Halloween!!! 

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