Friday, November 2, 2012

November 2, 2012

 {One Black Bow}
My mommy friends Christina, Heather and I had a girls night out tonight. We went to Christmas Village and then to eat at The Tavern at the Summit! We had a great time browsing Christmas Village and all I bought was ONE black bow... who does that??? Oh well that is all I saw I "needed"! We also enjoyed eating and chatting and closing The Tavern down... it was just what 3 frazzled mommies needed!!!!

We planned this night while sitting at Zaxby's after our last football game... our kids we running wild around zaxbys way after bedtime... having numerous meltdowns about their food, drinks and cookies and who was going to sit by who etc; we were about to loose our minds and clearly out numbered... 7 kids and 3 moms... we were toast! Please tell me we are not the only ones who have ever been there!  I looked at them both and said get out your phones and check your calendars... name your first free night... and Girls Night Out was born!

I am so thankful for these sweet mommy friends I would not have survived cheerleading this season without them! They had my back numerous times and I am so glad! Now we are all on cheer board together... we must be crazy! Ha!

Here's to our next girls night out!!!

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